Two Types of African Kids


I’m African


My parents are African

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it’s 2014

stop making fun of black women for wearing a weave

stop making fun of black women for showing their natural hair

stop making fun of black women


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Darn it….someones downstairs. I think its my aunt…….but idk. *cries silently* 

Some guy was expressing to me the fact that he hates weave. …….i can careless. I wear weave sometimes and i forever will. Let me find out i stop because some dude dont like it. Byeeee! Leave black women alone about how they choose to wear their hair. Some of you men will never understand how much pride we have in our hair…whether its natural, straight. long, short, shaved, weaved up etc. Your opinion will never be valid. 

Someone come and take a long walk with me.

I miss my extended family so much. I miss our reunion time. I would post pics from it…but its mad pictures. lol