someone talk to me.


I hate when people ask me for pictures.. I feel so pressured

i just say “Haha…nahhh”

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"If I met you in real life…" Finish it in my ask.


Do this shit

  • Ya'll be like: I love black girls......with european features
  • Ya'll be like: Black girls with afros are amazing...as long as they got light skin.
  • Ya'll be like: Black girls are beautiful...but just the ones who are white passin' or as racially ambiguous as possible.
  • Ya'll be like: Natural hair is the best hair...as long as the curls are really really loose.

Im too loyal.

TOO loyal.

  • Me: i'm over my crush
  • Crush: hey
  • Me: nvm

Yo…. :) <3

put ‘babe’ in my ask if you’d date me

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